Scott County, Tennessee

Nominating Petitions

Nominating petitions must be issued by the Scott County Election Commission Office or the Coordinator of Election's Office in Nashville. The petition must include the name of the candidate, the office sought, signature of person issuing petition and the date issued. The petition may be picked up for the candidate by another person. An in-person signature will be required at the time the petition is issued. Petitions may not be altered or photocopied. Any petition which has been altered or photocopied will not be accepted.

A minimum of twenty-five (25) signatures of registered voters with residence addresses is required on the petition in order to qualify. However, it is suggested that at least fifty (50) signatures be obtained to insure that at least twenty-five (25) are properly registered voters. The residence address provided by each signer must be the same as that shown on the signers' registration record. If a candidate is running in a district or in a municipal election, the signers must reside and be registered in that district or municipality.

The candidate must complete and sign the section labeled "To Be Completed By Candidate" on the first page of the petition and sign on each subsequent page at the top on the line for CANDIDATE'S SIGNATURE and provide the date signed.

Any person seeking election to a judicial office that is required by law to be held by an attorney shall certify on the front page of the petition in the section marked "FOR JUDICIAL CANDIDATES ONLY", that such person is licensed to practice law in this state and provide his/her Supreme Court Registration Number. Any person failing to comply with this section shall be disqualified from having his/her name placed on the ballot for such judicial office.

Petitions will be checked in the Scott County Election Commission Office for a sufficient number of properly registered voters' signatures and addresses. The petitioner will be notified if the petition does not contain the required number of signatures and addresses and, time permitting, a supplemental sheet will be issued for obtaining additional signatures and addresses which must be filed by the qualifying deadline.

To inquire about a petition, you may call The Scott County Election Commission office at 423-663-3210.

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