Scott County, Tennessee

Precinct Boundary Lines

The campaign boundary line extends 100 ft. out from each entrance that allows access to the polling location. The officer of elections is responsible for measuring the 100' distance from each entrance and placing boundary restriction signs prominently at those points.

What activity is prohibited inside the campaign boundary line?

The display of campaign posters, signs or other campaign materials, the distribution of these materials and the solicitation of votes for or against any person, political party or position on a question are strictly prohibited inside the 100' boundary line and within the building where the polling place is located. Voters wearing hats, t-shirts or campaign buttons will not be allowed in the precinct to vote unless they remove the hat, t-shirt (may cover shirt with another shirt) or campaign buttons.

Can a voter carry a sample ballot with them into the voting precinct?

Yes, as long as the voter does not show the sample ballot to other voters.

If a voter has a campaign sign or sticker on his or her vehicle, can they park it inside the boundary line and go into the precinct to vote?

Yes. They must go straight into the building to vote and leave immediately after voting. The vehicle cannot be left inside the 100 ft. boundary once the voter has voted.

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