Scott County, Tennessee

Voter Registration Lists

Voter registration records are updated daily. Voter registration lists may be purchased by any citizen who certifies on a form provided by the State Election Commission that the list will be used for political purposes only. The forms are available from county election commission offices. Upon receipt of the completed form and payment of the cost, the election commission will prepare the information.

The Scott County Election Commission can provide lists of registered voters by district, precinct, ward, or a county-wide list can be prepared. Lists may contain voters' name, address, voting history etc. We do not include social security numbers or phone numbers with voter information. Information may be obtained in the following formats:

Printed lists - $ .20 per page

Computer generated disc (floppy or CD) - Excel spreadsheet
$35.00 set-up fee
$1.50 per floppy or CD
$1.50 administrative fee per floppy or CD
$38.00 total

Address labels - $ .03 per label

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