Scott County, Tennessee

Voter Registration Drives

We thank you for your willingness to "conduct a Voter Registration Drive" and encourage you to review the contents of this guide. Please contact us at (423) 663-3210 if you have any questions or concerns about voter registration procedures.

Your decision to conduct a Voter Registration Drive is:

1. A worthy undertaking;
2. Fundamental to the election process;
3. Taking responsibility to make government work.

Your Voter Registration Drive Will Be Successful When:

a) All registration forms are properly completed;
b) All forms are delivered to the Scott County Election Commission Office
prior to any upcoming registration deadline;
c) Voter Registration Forms are made available to individuals without discriminating against any group (based on gender, race, political point of view, etc.)
d) You instruct individuals who want to mail the form themselves
how to properly fill out the form and advise them that a deadline for filing with the Election Office exists.
e) You inform individuals that their voter registration card will be mailed to them by the Scott County Election Commission and that they are not registered voters until they receive their card.

Scott County Election Office
2845 Baker Hwy
Huntsville, TN 37756
Phone (423) 663-3210 Fax (423) 663-3127
Gabe Lowe
Administrator of Elections

Voter Registration Applications

Voter Registration Application forms are issued by the State of Tennessee and may be used in any county in the State of Tennessee. Any request for 25 or more application forms will be considered a Voter Registration Drive by the Scott County Election Office. Each form will be pre-numbered and printed with the Letter Code 'E'.

The Voter Registration Application form can be used to:
• Apply to Register to Vote
• Report a Change of Address for the Voter
• Report a Name Change
• Report a Change in other information
• Cancel a Voter's Registration in another County or State

Qualifications For Voter Registration in Scott County, Tennessee

All of the following qualifications must be met:

• Must be a U.S. Citizen
• Must be a legal resident of Scott County at the time application is submitted
• Must be 18 Years of Age by the date of the next election
• Cannot be a convicted felon or, if convicted, have had voting rights restored as required by state law
• Must submit a properly completed voter registration application at least 30 days before an upcoming election

Registration Deadline

Hand-Delivered Forms - Completed Voter Registration Forms that are brought into the election office must be delivered by the close of business on the 30th day before any upcoming election day.

Mailed Forms - Completed Voter Registration Forms that are mailed must be postmarked no later than the 30th day before any upcoming election day. Any form received with a postmark of less than 30 days before the date of the next election will be considered as Untimely Filed and the individual applicant would not be eligible to participate in the upcoming election.

If you are conducting a Voter Registration Drive, you are responsible for getting the forms delivered on time. You should not rely on a postmark unless you personally have the Post Office cancel the mailed form with the proper date.

Scott County Election Office personnel stamp all documents with the date received. Voter Registration Applications are categorized as timely or untimely filed at the time of receipt depending on the date of the next election. If the Voter Registration Application is considered untimely filed, notification will be mailed to the applicant informing them that they will not be eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

Timely filed Voter Registration Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Eligibility is determined by the Scott County Election Office based on state law. Any application that is deficient (missing social security number, date of birth, signature, etc.) will be rejected and the voter notified in writing. You are urged to check each form for accuracy and completeness while the applicant is still in your presence. This will help to reduce the number of rejected applications and cut down on the length of time it takes to issue a voter registration card. The voter registration card will be mailed to the voter. You should advise the voter to watch the mail for their voter registration card and to check the card for accuracy. If everything is in order, they should sign the card and keep it in a safe place until the next election.

Voting the First Time

Individuals that register by mail must vote in person the first time they vote and must present proper I.D. They would vote either in person at their election day polling place or at an early voting location. Forms of proper I.D. are listed below:

• Scott County Voter Registration Card with current residential address; or
• Valid Tennessee Driver License with current address; or
• Photo I.D. with voter's name and voter's signature; or
• Photo I.D. without voter's signature plus social security card or credit card or Passport with voter's signature

Voter Registration Card and the Sample Ballot

Using a voter registration card with the sample ballot is an excellent way to prepare for casting your vote. The card shows the voter's U.S. Congressional District, State Senate and State House Districts, County Commission District, School District, City Code and City Ward (if applicable). Normally, a sample ballot for any Scott County Election can be found on our website at or in the local newspapers. A voter may take their Sample Ballot with them to the Election Day Precinct or Early Voting location as long as they keep it private and do not display it to other voters.

Election Day Polling Place Information

The location of a voter's polling place can be found on their voter registration card. Our website also has a street and address listing to aid the voter in determining their correct polling place. Driving maps are provided on the website for each of the ten (10) Election Day Precincts. The voter may also call the Scott County Election Office at 663-3210 for information regarding their polling location. Election Day Polling Places open at 8:00 a.m. and close promptly at 8:00 p.m.

Voter Registration Applications Available At Other Locations

Mail-in Voter Registration Applications have been placed at each U.S. Post Office in Scott County and at the Huntsville, Oneida and Winfield Libraries. The Department of Safety Drivers' License Renewal Office, Department of Human Services, Scott County Health Department, Scott County Clerk's Office and the Register of Deeds office have forms available during normal business hours.

Voter Registration Forms are available online at The form must be printed on WHITE PAPER only. Complete the form in blue or black ink or with a typewriter. Forms completed in pencil will be rejected. Mail the form to the Scott County Election Office, P.O. Box 586, Huntsville, TN 37756 at least 30 days before any upcoming election day. If you have questions, call our office at 663-3210.

Purged Registration vs. Permanent Registration

Many voters mistakenly believe that once they register to vote they are registered for life. This is not the case. The State of Tennessee previously printed the word "permanent" on voter registration cards. This probably contributed to the confusion. Voter Registration cards are no longer printed with the word "permanent" on them.

State law now provides that County Election Offices in Tennessee must purge voter registration records on a daily basis if one of the following events occur:

• Voter requests, in writing, that their registration be purged; or
• Death of Voter; or
• Written confirmation received that the voter has moved outside the county or has registered to vote in another jurisdiction; or
• Voter changes name, except by marriage, and fails to notify the election office within ninety (90) days;
• Official confirmation received that the voter has been convicted of a felony as defined in T.C.A. 40-20-112.

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