Scott County, Tennessee

What to Expect at the Polls

All voters, whether voting at an Early Voting location or at their Election Day precinct, must provide proof of identification. If you have previously voted, you will only be required to present evidence of your name and signature. This could be in the form of a current Voter Registration Card, valid Tennessee Drivers' License, Social Security Card, Credit Card or any other document containing your name and Signature, or you may sign an official AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY form that is available at the polling place.

If you are a first-time voter and you registered by mail, you must provide evidence of your NAME, ADDRESS and SIGNATURE. This can be in the form of a Current Voter Registration Card, valid Tennessee Drivers' License or a Photo ID that includes your name and signature. If you do not have one of the above items, you will still be able to vote if you have one item from Column A PLUS one item from Column B listed below. If the documents that you present do not meet the requirements, you will vote a Provisional Ballot that will not count.

A Registrar will ask you to complete an Application To Vote and ask to see your ID. After verifying your signature, the Registrar will ask you to sign a Poll/Signature Book.

If you have recently moved and now have an address different from the one in the poll/signature book, you will be asked to complete a Fail-Safe Voting Affidavit so the Registrar can determine if you are in the correct precinct. (It's against the law to vote in a precinct you don't live in!)

If you are asked to go to another precinct, you will be given a special form to take with you so the Registrar at the new precinct won't have to call the election office. (This does not apply at an Early Voting location).

The Voting Machine Demonstrator will explain how the voting machine operates and answer any questions you may have. This may be especially helpful to first-time voters.

A Voting machine judge/operator will ask for your Application for Ballot and set the machine for the proper ballot. Your vote is secret. However, if you have a question, be sure to ask the Machine Judge/Operator before you press the CAST VOTE button.

If you have any special needs that will make your voting experience easier and faster, just ask! There are plenty of friendly poll workers waiting to help!

After you press the CAST VOTE button on your voting machine, you're finished! Don't leave without your "I Voted" sticker and wear it proudly!

Please EXIT promptly!

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